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Sex and the Single Priest

Television shows showcased two priests in an unfavorable light last week. Brent Bozell of Newsbusters smells some anti-Catholicism:

The dictionary defines prejudice as premature judgment: making a decision before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case or event. Some forms of prejudice are fading, racism being the primary and obvious example. The backlash against prejudice is so intense it has spurred its opposite, the call toward tolerance.

But for one sector, the prejudice remains intact. It is perfectly acceptable to spew intolerance against Christians in general and Catholics in particular. But the bonanza of prejudice is reserved for Catholic priests.
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Anonymous said...

Another fashionable prejudice obtains, the one against public-school teachers, and some priests -- who, of all people, ought to know better -- indulge it.

-- Mack

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