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Obama: Pro Life President?

I have a theory. I think Doug Kmiec has invented a stupidity ray that has already hypnotized half the country and they have no choice but to believe his pretzel-like logic concerning Obama and abortion. I don't know how he does it but I've seen the victims of his "stupidity ray" and it's not pretty. In fact, a Time Magazine reporter was just Kmieced. (New word for ya') Here's the evidence:

It would be funny if the subject matter wasn't the destruction of unborn children in the womb. Time magazine's Amy Sullivan asked in a Swampland blog post headline from February 4: "Barack Obama, Pro-Life President?"

Sullivan's evidence? Well, the president has picked a Pentecostal preacher -- who once worked for a New Jersey Congressman with a 100% score by NARAL Pro-Choice America -- to head his faith-based initiatives office and "abortion reduction" is one of the major stated goals of one of the president's advisory boards:
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