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Newsweek Hearts Hitchens, Disses Weigel

Media Blog at NRO highlights how Newsweek slams Pope Benedict XVI as it highlights Hitchens' hit piece on Catholicism and hides George Weigel's piece:

Newsweek loves atheists, and the atheist it loves best is Christopher Hitchens. Last week, it highlighted its publication of a Hitchens attack on the pope and the Catholic Church (but also a sustained, if dated, attack on Mel Gibson and his father) on its cover. The subject was the controversial decision to lift the excommunications of four bishops of the Lefebvre schism, one of whom made ridiculous Holocaust-denial remarks. Newsweek also asked conservative Catholic author George Weigel for an article on the controversy. But you can see which one editor Jon Meacham clearly favors: Hitchens was promoted on the cover and published in the printed magazine; Weigel got the "web exclusive" scraps...
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