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Mary Mother of Christ in a Theater Near You

Barb Nicolosi has got some big news:

Here at long last is the official trade announcement from Daily Variety for Mary, Mother of the Christ on which I will get a writer credit.

Here's a snip (the photo is of Camilla Belle who will play Mary):

Camilla Belle ("10,000 BC") will star as the titular character and will be joined by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the dual roles of Gabriel and Lucifer and Peter O'Toole as Symeon.

Al Pacino and Jessica Lange are in talks to play Herod and Anna the Prophetess...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not getting my hopes up with some of the people involved and this quote from one of the producers, "It is truly a story of real female empowerment."

But, we'll see.


TragicallyUnhipMom said...

Nativity wasn't "bad," but it wasn't "great" either. I think it's great Hollywood is doing a story on Mary and perhaps from a "human approach" as she is a mystery to many, especially those who do not have the close relationship with her as many Catholics do. That being said, it might be a positive thing - IF (being the operative word) they don't screw it up and/or make it heretical....

At a very minimum, we could pray that it is good wholesome family entertainment?

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