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Lincoln Turned To God

Lincoln is all the rage today. This very well written column by Donald R. McClarey of American Catholic details Lincoln's turn towards God in his darkest hours:

“Now he belongs to the ages.” So said Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War, who had kept vigil at Lincoln’s deathbed, after Lincoln died from an assassin’s bullet.

For the past few weeks in the leadup to today, the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, I have examined various facets of the public life of Abraham Lincoln. Of course, the most important part of Lincoln’s life, came, as it will for each of us, after his death when he stood before God for the particular judgment. In this life the outcome of that judgment is unknown to us. However, I think the record is well-established that during the Civil War Lincoln found his mind and his heart turning increasingly towards God.
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Anonymous said...

My daughter had occasion to visit President Lincoln's Springfield home several weeks ago. When two men who were clearly very knowledgeable about Lincoln asked several questions that barely touched on the un-PC, the docent whispered to them that she was forbidden to say anything negative about him.

Very Orwellian / Stalinist.

-- Mack

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