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Less Shouting, More Talking

This column takes a loving look at the controversal issue of Prop 8. The Pertinacious Papist has some comments as well which add perspective:

Richard J. Mouw was my first philosophy professor. I had Philosophy 102 with him at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the Fall semester of 1970. That was almost 40 years ago. He was then a vibrant junior professor at the beginning of his career, and I was a young and callow fellow in my second year of college -- in the era of hippies, Mao jackets, SDS and Vietnam. Mouw was energetic, engaging and entertaining, and a very, very good teacher. I still remember vividly his discussion of Plato's Phaedo, peppered with humor and a good measure of contemporary illustrations.
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nan said...

Did you read the comments section? What is the problem with people? Here's a man who holds to the same view on this particular subject, defends the right to his view in a very civil manner and is called a "knucklhead" by people who AGREE with the view he's defending!

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