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Jindal Dredged Up?

Well that didn't take long. The media is already seeking to undercut Bobby Jindal because he might be a threat to Obama. Bettnet has more:

While the Boston Globe offers the expected simpering praise of President Obama’s speech to Congress last night—for example, the reporter speaks of his 60% approval rating as a strength against Republicans when the rating really has seen a precipitous decline since his inauguration; a Republican would not get the benefit of that doubt—the coverage of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Republican response ended with an astonishingly biased attack on Republicans with no concomitant alternative view. This is how the article ends:
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Anonymous said...

I heard Chuck Shumer dissing Jindal after his rebuttal speech, denigrating him for refusing part of the stimulus money ("when he plans to take the majority of the money anyway") and generally dismissing him as a shameless panderer because he is "running for president already."

I cringe to think of the inevitable...many are already taking steps to do to Jindal what was done to Palin.

More than a few Dems look at Jindal (smart, effective, young, minority, an actual track record when it comes to policymaking, and horror of horrors, a deeply religious social conservative) and what they see is a big threat to The One.

They are already trying to bring Jindal down and he is barely out of the gate! We'll be hearing lots and lots about the exorcism article he wrote way back when.

I didn't hear Jindal's rebuttal speech but it did get lukewarm reviews from many Republicans. I hope he does better in the future (apparently he is better in interviews than on the stump). It was a thankless job following the greatest public orator since Reagan. I give Jindal credit for being willing to take it on.

Jindal 2012!!!!

Dymphna said...

Forget about Bobby. He can't win. He's unattractive. Americans vote for the guy they wish was their dad or the guy they'd like to be or as in the case of most women voteres, the guy they'd like to be with, and Jindal doens't cut it in either category. He's a good man and it's going to take all he has to run Louisiana.

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