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Jesuits CelebrateTransgender Week

No. No. The Jesuits aren't advocating transgender-ism. They're just raising awareness. Diogenes does his usual excellent work:

What day is today? Right! It's Day Two of "Transgender Awareness Week" -- at Seattle's Jesuit university, at any rate, where the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Trans & Allies Club are teaming up to deliver on the classic boast of Jesuit education: give us a boy, and we'll give you back a ... we'll give you back a ... well, we'll have to get back to you.

Here are the offerings:
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John Hetman said...

So that where the phrase comes from:

The Color Purple

From Jesuit Transgender/Transsexual and soon to come:
Transspecies Week!

Anonymous said...

Darn those public-school teachers!

-- Mack

Tragically Pissed Off Mom said...

This makes me violently ill.

No wonder we've got so many screwed up Catholics walking around!

EXCOMMUNICATE THEM - just like they need to for Pelosi, Biden, Kennedy, Senator Bob Casey (PA), etc. etc. etc.

Lost in sanity... said...

Out of curiosity, will they be dressing up as nuns?

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