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Hey! Olbermann Believes in God!

Check out the Red State video of someone (likely Olbermann) saying "Oh God" as Governor Bobby Jindal comes out to deliver the GOP rebuttal to Obama's speech. Hey, for me this is good news. Olbermann recgonizes a higher deity and it's not Obama!:

You see, President Obama is supposed to be the only minority who is allowed to address — and inspire — the American people (not to mention the fact that Jindal’s politics are all wrong, making him the worst possible kind of minority).

Listen to the clip below and you’ll hear Keith Olbermann [Someone on the set; it sounds like KO to me] mutter “Oh, God,” as Jindal walks out to give his response to Obama’s fake State of the Union address.
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katymalone said...

According to Breitbart, it was Chris Matthews, no surprise. Like Biden's blonde twin, I guess.

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