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Elections Have Consequences

This election in Israel takes place at an amazing moment in history with Israel having unsure support in the White House and Iran closing in on becoming a nuclear power. Powerline takes a close look at the election which will certainly shape the future of the Middle East and quite likely the world:

Israel will hold its elections next Tuesday. The polls, which at times have had former Likud and its candidate Benjamin Netanyahu more or less in the driver's seat, now show a tightening in the race. They also show that Avigdor Lieberman and his Israel Beiteinu party is coming on strong, and may well pin a fourth place finish on the Labor party. Lieberman is considered a right winger although, as Caroline Glick notes, his decision to join the Kadima government in late 2006 kept it in power.

The tightening of the race doesn't really surprise me. The war with Hamas may be perceived as having gone just well enough to boost Livni slightly. Moreover, Israelis understand that electing Netanyahu might well put their nation on a collision course with the U.S., now that Obama is president. In a sense, the path of least resistance is to stick with Kadima.
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