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The Dead Hobo Glitch

It's just funny.

U.S. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu announced his resignation this morning amid new reports that Alameda County workers had unearthed more than a dozen additional dead hobo bodies at his former home in Berkeley, California. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist had been the subject of a week-long controversy after he amended his White House application form to declare "3 or 4" hobo corpses in his crawl space, but after this morning's discovery, Chu said he felt he could no longer serve as an effective spokesman for Administration energy policy.

"Getting America on the road to energy independence requires a secretary who is focused full time on developing comprehensive strategies for alternative fuels, rather than a political distraction over a handful of decomposing drifters," said Chu. "I'm afraid I am no longer that person."
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Anonymous said...

Dead hobos in a crawlspace?? Doesn't seem that funny to me. I hope this man isn't responsible for their deaths...how sad.

Admiror said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Admiror said...

Retype of my old comment with corrections because of the html in it.

Sarah, don't worry. I don't think this article is a real news report. It's meant to be satire. To read the rest of the article, you need to fix the address since there is a '<, b, /, >'(minus those commas) at the end of the link which doesn't belong.

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