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Charter vs. Catholic

Our Sunday Visitor has the latest on this bergeoning controversy of secularizing Catholic schools into charter schools:

The Catholic school-charter school debate is in the spotlight again, this time in Brooklyn, where Bishop Nicholas A. DiMarzio and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a press conference today to announce that they are working to transform four Catholic schools slated for closure into public charter schools. At the moment, the move is impossible since state law prevents charter schools from having a connection to religions institutions, but Bloomberg expressed his support of a change in legislation that would allow the schools flip.

This announcement is sure to reignite the controversy surrounding the decision to turn struggling Catholic schools into non-religious versions of their former selves...
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Anonymous said...

A charter school is a public school with less oversight, especially in the matter of spending the people's tax dollars. A school can be public (alas that the public don't vote in school board elections) or it can be private; it can't be a hybrid.

-- Mack

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