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"Big Love" is the New Waltons?

Remember when many of us said that once gay marriage was accepted, polygamy was sure to follow. We were laughed at, scolded, and mocked. Well, guess what?

Stanley Fish's blog for the New York Times unfurls the most idiotic piece of TV criticism so far in 2009:

“Big Love” is the new “Waltons.” It gives more scope to the travails than to the lesson, but the lesson is there, and it is the same one: loyalty, solidarity, love.
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John Hetman said...

"Gay" marriage, polygamy!

Those are just at the top of that slippery slope of the new degeneracies. There are all kinds of horrors that will make those issues seem like Methodist summer camp projects on avoiding alcohol and tobacco. When we opened the door for Satan and invited him in during those wonderful Norman Learish 1960s, he brought in his legions with him. And they now seem to have taken over the place, and are doing a great job in trashing our once saner, more civilized and, at least, modestly holier country.

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