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Big Family Backlash

Danielle Bean of Faith and Family Live writes about a backlash against big families she's seeing because of the Octuplet Mom. Interesting read:

I have really appreciated all the thoughtful comments people have shared in our discussion of Nadya Suleman, the mother who recently gave birth to octuplets. If you haven’t yet read through them, I really recommend you do.

One of the themes in those comments is a fear of the cultural backlash large families might suffer as a result of the “bad PR” caused by Nadya’s seemingly imprudent decisions. I’m sorry to report that I think those fears are well founded...
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Gramma 2 Many said...

I have not gotten the feeling that large families will be in the cross hairs. I do think that irresponsible people who expect me to pay for their poor choices will be even more so.
I have a large family and my husband and took care of each of our children without going on the dole and today our children are taking care of theirs the same way. They were taught responsibility, which is a chacteristic I am afraid this woman is very short of. I pray God blesses and keeps these beautiful little ones. They are going to have a very tough road to follow. I also think there was a thought of financial gain in her mind when she allowed herself to be impregnated with so many embryos. Even more so,I believe the Doctor needs to be sanctioned.
There is so much more that could be and is being said, that I will just stop now.

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