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I link to Jen F. so much that I'm starting to think of CMR as just an eastern annex of her "Conversion Diary." But this is really really good stuff and sums up my thinking quite well about how we should be open to life. You know what, I'm going to solve this right now. I'm giving up linking to Jen for Lent...unless she posts something really good. I mean it. 40 days. She'll be out there in the cold CMR-less world. But Lent hasn't started yet so go over and treat yourself to a really great blog:

"You guys aren't really going to have any more after this one, right?" a few people have asked me privately.

"We thought about having another, but the sleepless nights, the diapers, the pregnancy and birth -- ugh! Aren't you just so ready to be done with all that?" a neighbor asked at the playground last week.
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