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Tell Tom Hanks To Shut Up!

I really want to like Tom Hanks. I didn't even blame him for the DaVinci Code thing. But it's getting harder and harder to like this guy. According to Michelle Malkin, Hanks has called me and anyone who thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman - un-American:

We were considered fascists for questioning theirs, but it’s patriotic for them to question ours.
Per Hot Air headlines, Hollywood lib Tom Hanks tars Prop. 8 supporters as “un-American.” As opposed to all of those patriots gathering black lists and compiling maps of people who exercised their right to vote and dared to express political opinions in opposition to Tinseltown orthodoxy…
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Anonymous said...

The best you can do is not go to his movies, the best of which are far behind him now anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who plays in "Cast Away" has got to be wanting in the upstairs.
Of course, there is nothing but nonsense coming out of such a person's mouth... remember that scene where he finally rows away and in the middle of the ocean loses "Wilson"? How much more flat can you get?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand genial, boyish Tom Hanks' obsession with murdering babies. How can a nation deteriorate from an often-flawed idea of openness to near-compulsory worship of Moloch?

-- Mack

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