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Suspected Terrorist Wants An Exorcist

OK. There's no getting ready for this story. It's just too bizarre. I'm sitting here trying to think up a clever way to introduce it but whatever I say, the story itself is better. So go to Jammie Wearing Fool and read this one:

Just when you think you have seen, heard or read it all along comes a story like this.

"Suspected" terrorist Ehsanul Islam Sadequee is claiming that interogators used mind control tactics to coerce a guilty plea out of him and is now asking for an exorcist to cast out the demons.
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Nzie said...

I think we should get him one. Maybe one of our exorcists (a true exorcist) can actually help him. Maybe it's just him being bad all by himself, but it's possible that he's being encouraged by Evil, which likes to take advantage of such things. At any rate, a priest could tell if there's something to his claim (though I imagine it would precede any interrogations, since I don't think any human being can insert demons into people's brains...).

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