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Saints! Who Needs 'Em?

The Anchoress writes of the disconnect between Catholics and other Christians over saints:

I’ve written before about the Communion of Saints and what it is like to pray with the cloud of witnesses St. Paul tells us are always around us. Christians profess the Communion of Saints in the Apostles Creed, but aside from the Catholics and Orthodox, we don’t actually talk about engaging them in prayer - asking them to pray to and for us. Anglicans recognise the saints, too, but are - I think - a little less pally with them, and the Evangelicals don’t think about them at all. That’s partly because, although there is growing friendship and understanding between Catholics and Evangelicals, there is a tremendous disconnect between them on this issue. Some Evangelicals swear we “worship” the saints instead of God and engage in idolatry, and we Catholics and Orthodox don’t do a very good job of explaining that our engagements with the saints are the farthest things from “worship” but are in fact, fast friendships wherein we pray together.
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Lee Gilbert said...

Inviting particular saints to pray the rosary with us- now there's something worth a try.

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