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A Question for Dems for Life

One of the things nobody ever talks about in the recent Democratic surge at the ballot box is how so many Democrats are veering to the right on issues like life and guns to woo conservatives. But this raises a question: Are the Democrats for Life an honest-to-goodness pro-life organization commited to remaking their party or simply a wedge to unseat pro-life Republicans. Jay Anderson wonders:

A commenter at this InsideCatholic article on shifting the pro-life strategy poses an excellent question:

I have not kept up perfectly with dems for life who hold office. I wish them well in changing their party. But I have to admit to a negative opinion overall. Let's start with Bob Casey Jr. D-Pa. He is a dem for life. He won partly because his dad was the honorable Bob Casey Sr., who was ostracized by the DNC for suggesting a prolife platform. Jr. also won due to the media negativity of the Iraq War. This was focused on a courageous prolife republican, Rick Santorum. Santorum is a devout catholic who constantly fought for the unborn. He deserved that seat more than Casey. It was a cheap dirty victory in that one prolifer was run by dems against the more dedicated prolifer: Santorum. Santorum lost. Net pro life victory zero. But at least Casey will typically vote party line.
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