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Most Heroic Thing I Have Ever Witnessed

Mark Shea wrote a great piece on a priest in his parish. Please go read it. It's exceptionally moving and profound.

Yesterday, we went to Noon Mass at Blessed Sacrament. It was being celebrated by our visiting priest, but after he processed up to the altar, we were astonished to see that Fr. Tom Kraft had taken a seat beside him.

Fr. Tom is one of the sweetest and holiest men I have ever known. A thoroughly priestly man with a profound sense of his vocation, a deep love for the poor, a beautiful humility and just a sheer radiant goodness that shines out of him.

He is also dying. We've been praying for him for months, but God has made it clear that he picks the fruit when it is ripe. So Fr. Tom ended his chemo-therapy some weeks back, went to Spokane to say goodbye to his loved ones, and returned to us at Blessed Sacrament to spend his last days surrounded by brother priests in the rectory, cared for by Jesson Mata, our valiant liturgy guy--and to say goodbye to all of us.
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Mitch said...

I know this priest, he was working at my school up to when he found out about his cancer when he returned to Seattle to be with his Dominican brothers. He is a great inspiration, and a wonderful priest. When he finnaly reaches his Father in heaven we still here on earth will have a very powerful ally up there.

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