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Madrid Wonders About the Strange Lights

OK. I'll admit it. I think the strange lights in the sky story is pretty cool but I'm the kind of guy who clicks on anything that has Bigfoot in the title. But if a guy as smart as Patrick Madrid writes about strange lights in the sky then it must be ok. And the pictures are really cool, too.

This story is linked to prominently today on the Drudge Report, so perhaps you've already seen these pictures of unusual and inexplicable columns of colored lights in the European night sky. But I just want to add that this phenomenon of strange lights in the sky is unsettlingly reminiscent of what the Blessed Virgin Mary promised to the three children at Fatima in 1917...
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Patrick Madrid said...

Hey, guys! Thanks for the link. I appreciate it. And though I'm not nearly as smart as you give me credit for, I *am* smart enough to make the connection with Fatima when I see a story like this one :)

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