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Last Rites Administered to Fr. Neuhaus

Please pray for Fr. Neuhaus,a truly great and good man of our time:

His friends and family are keeping vigil and he was administered last rites shortly after midnight. Fr. George Rutler, who gave him the Catholic Sacrament, says that “he is not expected to live long” and suggests “that it is appropriate that prayers be offered for a holy death.”

Fr. Neuhaus has come close to this moment before and been back. If it’s his time: Go in peace. He's a man who has loved and served His Lord. When he leaves this world, his vast intellectual and spiritual body of work will have a long life here.
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Anonymous said...

I so enjoy Fr. Neuhaus' writing; he is part of the Lewis / Chesterton continuum of good, honest, faithful men who serve God so well by serving the rest of us. God bless Fr. Neuhaus.

-- Mack

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