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The Curt Jester at his best. He brings this hilarious piece called "If Rodney Dangerfield had been Catholic" from out of nowhere. I wonder how long he's been working on it. It's so good:

It's not easy being me let me tell you. I went to a silent retreat. Turns out it was a regular retreat, just nobody wanted to talk to me. I can't get no respect.

When I was a child I was possessed by a Demon. When my bed lifted up in the air my mother told to Demon to hold it up there while she got the dust mop. I didn't even spew pea soup, more like Cambell's Chicken Noodle. Turned out I was possessed by a very minor Demon who couldn't even get his Latin declensions right and ran at the site of Holy Water. No respect I tell you.

When I received Confirmation the Bishop slapped me. I asked him "I thought we didn't do that anymore?" He told me in my case he made an exception.
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Jeff Miller said...

Actually the silent retreat bit came to me 2 days ago and then last night I just banged out the post in bed before going to sleep. Once I got the idea it kind of writes itself.

matthew archbold said...

So thinking like Rodney Dangerfield is how Jeff Miller counts sheep?

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