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Hilarious But Creepy Media Bias

CBS's Harry Smith has obviously long been willing to show his liberal bias but his "feelings" for Obama really come to the forefront here in an embarrasing third grade crush kind of way here including this precious line: "Wow...Yeah. Has a good smile, too, right? There you go. Peter, thank you so much...Really, really like it." Check out the whole thing at Newsbusters:

Near the end of Thursday’s CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith unveiled the latest painting by artist Peter Max, a mural of 44 portraits of Barack Obama. Max has created numerous paintings for the Early Show set and Smith praised the artist’s latest work: "Okay, wow. That is really, really, really cool...Wow. Well, that is pretty impressive. I hope somebody in the President-elect's transition office is taking a look at this. That is really amazing. Wow..."
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Anonymous said...

44 portraits of The Leader? That is very much like the art show in an episode of Patrick McGoohan's THE PRISONER.

-- Mack

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