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Chris Matthews: Is Sarah Palin Illiterate?

You want to hear the crazy truth. As sick and twisted and bias as Chris Matthews is, he isn't even the most sick and twisted and bias on his own network. he may not be in the top three. That's not to say he's not a lunatic as evidenced by this priceless clip from Newsbusters:

Good old Chris "Tingle" Matthews. We can always look to him to lower his own credibility just one more notch with each and every broadcast, can't we? This time Ol' Chris Tingle has debased himself by telling the four or five viewers he has that he thinks Governor Sarah Palin can't read or write. Apparently Matthews doesn't think that Palin has the capacity to write the book she is reportedly shopping around.
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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, so now the truth is out! That's why the McCain handlers were so upset that she was going off course on the campaign trail... she couldn't read the teleprompter!!!

Poor Chris "Tingle" Matthews. He has it so rough! Making a Senate run in PA in 2010 is very stressful you know, especially when you're still dealing wtih the effects of OWS (Obama Worship Syndrome). How could we expect anyone to think clearly? I sure hope they come up with an antidote quick or pretty soon we'll end up with an entire generation on disability because they couldn't work, attend school, pay taxes, do their laundry, wash their dishes or take a bath because of acute OWS symptoms.

Wait a second, this is really starting to sound like the next plot for the "Left Behind Series..." LaHaye and Jenkins could easily have their next installment out by the 99th day "O" is in office...

Or is it simply because Tingle has fallen quite smitten with Mrs. Palin and realized that the First Dude really is one Lucky Dude? Nah, that would be too logical...

Now back to those aliens on Inauguration day. Did anyone ever determine if they were green ones or the mean gray guys????

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