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Can We Abort More? Yes We Can!

Some truly alarming abortion statistics from Gateway Pundit. But obviously, President Obama doesn't feel they're alarming enough:

Because 42 million global abortions each year are not nearly enough, Barack Obama will use taxpayer dollars to pay for more. He signed the legislation today... One day after the anniversary of Roe v Wade.

The Guttmacher Institute reported:
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Haus Frau said...

"Obama wants us to believe that this is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression... But, it must not be that bad if we can afford to pay for foreign abortions now."

Pity the mainstream isn't picking up on that.

Anonymous said...

If our economy is SO bad, why are we funding baby-killing in other countries? No wonder other countries hate America -- we fund the killing of their future. Duh. Why, exactly, do the liberals and the pro-baby-killers want to fund such things in foreign countries, after all? What, exactly, is the point of it? To eliminate others that don't think like them? To "improve the quality of life" in those countries? Wait... did I say "life"?

amrinep said...

Grow up and get your facts straight.

1. Obama is not pro-ABORTION, he is pro-CHOICE. There is a difference and an intelligent person can differentiate between the two regardless of whether or not one would choose to get an abortion.

2. The foreign aid is not going to these countries on an abortion paying spree just to increase the number of abortions given. Implying such a thing is ignorant. The funds support education of the public on contraception to DECREASE the number of abortions sought. This saves lives.

3. In the case that an abortion is still sought AFTER educating the populace, the funds would make the medical conditions safer which would, in turn, save even more lives.

4. As far as the economic question is concerned, not only are we talking fractions of millions of dollars, I would much rather see taxpayer funds going to programs like these that at least try to improve third-world countries rather than bail out Wall Street jerks that got us into this mess in the first place. Apples and oranges, people.

I would NEVER choose for my wife to have an abortion unless her life was in severe danger, but I also can not condone funding third world countries to support education, safe medical conditions and, perhaps most importantly, CHOICE.

amrinep said...

Lol, oops! I meant "I MUST condone" funding third world countries, blah, blah, blah...

Jennifer said...

Abortion, no matter how "safe", no matter how legal and no matter how well funded, will ALWAYS end with death.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not pro-ABORTION, he is pro-CHOICE.

Nope, he's pretty much the fomer, but the all-caps almost had me convinced otherwise.

amrinep said...

Jennifer, you're absolutely right and I would never argue otherwise, but if it's going to happen (and it will, regardless of what anyone wants or thinks), I think it's our moral duty to keep it as safe as possible.

War always ends in death as well, but the same president that was pro-life sent our troops to fight two wars.

I never thought anyone would agree with my thoughts when I posted here, but it never hurts to consider someone else's viewpoint.

crankycon: nope, you're pretty much wrong, but your sarcasm almost had me convinced otherwise.

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