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Anyone Here From Outta Town?

Curt Jester's pet peeve is mine also.

Headlines like Applause for Biden interrupts Catholic church service

Another article gives more details.

Biden and his wife attended mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown. At one point, when newcomers and visitors were welcomed, congregants laughed and started applauding until Biden stood up. Then everyone stood up for sustained applause.

This adds to my list of why I hate Pastors asking about visitors.

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Anonymous said...

In my old parish, even the people who got up at the podium to ask for money got applause - it was like an audience of trained seals.

Also, the monsignor of this parish was the only priest who did the "who's from out of town" thing every week, accompanied by jokes, laughter and sometimes applause. One week when my mother was visiting, she happened to be sitting behind me. When the priest started in with this at the end of Mass, I heard a low, "Oh, God help us..." from my mother, and then she simply got up and walked out. Go, mom! I wish I had her courage. But it is now our former parish, anyway.

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