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Amy's All Over the SSPX

If this whole issue with the SSPX is interesting to you, you should go over and read Amy Welborn's blog. She's really making some strong points and explaining it so that even idiots like me can understand:

I want to highlight this:

“The key issue with the lifting of the excommunications is to take all possible measures to prevent these prelates from conferring the episcopacy on a new generation of Lefebvrites. No new bishops and the thing dies.”

I don’t think Benedict wants the “thing” to die” in terms of the spirituality and devotion of people associated with SSPX, but he certainly wants them reintegrated into the Church. But the more I think about it, it seems as if lifting the excommunications is, looking at things politically, a means of actually getting more control over the SSPX, just for the reason - as well as the ordination of priests - that this commenter expresses.
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