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Amy Refuses to Believe in Obama

Amy Welborn is a tad uncomfortable with the coronation...I mean...inauguration of the Obamessiah.

Long-time readers will recognize this post as yet another long, rambling, unfocused attempt to focus my own thoughts.

As I usually do, before going to the actual effort of articulating my own views, I hunt around, trying to find someone who says it better, so I won’t have to bother. I found three. But I’ll still bother.

First, I agree with a bit of this post at the Volokh Conspiracy critiquing the inaugural gestalt that seems more in common with a monarchy than a republic founded, in part, out of a desire for limited government. This is not an Obama issue. It’s an issue related to the increasingly vexing matter of the role of the president in American government and life. I say “increasingly vexing” because I do believe the confusion and pressure is getting worse as government grows. I thought about this often during the campaign, particularly during the debates. Think about it - these candidates are put up there in the debate context, not allowed to use any notes or references, and are expected to be comfortably expert on any and every aspect of domestic and foreign policy that might affect a nation of 300 million people as evidenced by their ability to speak extemporaneously and unaided.
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