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Actor Comes Out...As Pro-Life!

Big Hollywood is off to a heck of a start. Actor Gary Graham -you'd know his face-writes about his journey from pro-choice to pro-life. It's got some language but it's really powerful:

I’m not a person filled with hate. I don’t brew strong stomach acids when I hear/see things I think horrendously idiotic or unjust in the news or on the street. Initially, my reaction is to laugh. The irony is simply too much, and I crack up. Generally, it’s either laugh…or cry. And who wants to spend the day in tears? For I would, were I to give in to that option of dealing with the utter, naked insanity in our midst on a daily basis. I’m not just talking about something that ‘isn’t quite right’ or… ‘is just a tad out of whack’…I’m talking about the United States of America in this year of 2009 being completely off its moorings and slipping into the abyss.
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Lee Gilbert said...

This article should be in every college paper in the country...now!

He speaks the language of those most likely to have an abortion.

It is street language often, and Pro-lifers would probably choke on some of it. However, this is the language and the audience that may have a real chance of turning the situation around.

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