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Absurd, Borderline Blasphemous

You've got to see this one to believe it. This is what passes for objective media today:

In yet another example of the absurd, even borderline blasphemous depictions of Barack Obama as if he were a religious figure, the L.A. Times foisted upon its customers an amazing specimen as a wrap around over its newsstand copies of the paper leading up to inaugural day last week.

Freeper "puffer" was so amazed at the audacity of this L.A. Times imagery, he had to scan the sheet and display it on FreeRepublic.com. The photograph is reminiscent of one of the most famous and iconic depictions of God in western art, the Sistine Chapel painting of God reaching out to Adam. But, instead of God, we have The Obammessiah reaching across the page as if straining to touch each of us with his healing hand. It's quite disgusting, really, the way the Old Media has propagandized for Obama by replicating religious imagery or communist propaganda and this over-the-top image is a perfect example.
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John Hetman said...

Mr. Obama will rise at least to the greatness of that reflected in the legacy of Mr. Peanut, James Earl Carter. Maybe more!! All things being somewhat possible in the Democratic Socialist party.

And as with Mr. Peanut. lots of folks will discover that they have an allergy to Mr. Obama in 2012. And by 2013, there will be 1st grade kids again who can say, "Barak who?"

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