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Barb from Church of the Masses has some not-so-kind movie reviews that are fun to read and learns that children are bad:

Happy Christmas everybody! I got back from Portugal on the 21st, and since have been making merry, praying and watching lots of "For Your Consideration" screeners. I must admit, I like the free screener part of being in the WGA very much.

There isn't time to do decent reviews of all the movies I've seen, and frankly many of them aren't worth a serious consideration, and even more frankly, a lot of what I would want to say about most of the films can be summed up in some version of "Yuck" and "Eeeeeeeeew." I am going to jot down whatever pops into my head about the movies and then give it a pass or a plaudit.
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Lee Gilbert said...

"I can't broadly recommend this film because it is a hard R full of nudity and lap dances and simulated brutality and foul language."

You can't broadly recommend it. That's really rich. Since you're aiming you review at a very narrow slice of humanity, what are their demographics exactly?

What the hell! Why even mention it? Why should any Catholic or Christian even think about going to to a film such as this?

Moral absolutes are not relativized by how great the director was, etc, etc.

From a Catholic point of view the film is total crappola, and so is the review.

This kind of stuff is totally killing us.

Or is the review only intended for the discriminating, well-educated senior Catholic who is impervious to temptations to mortal sin because his juices are barely flowing?

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