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Jesuit University OK's V. Monologues

I'm unsure which is sadder. The fact that a Jesuit university is approving of the V. Monologues on campus or that they still think it's cutting edge and cool to approve of it. The Cardinal Newman Society has the full sad story:

The student senate at Boston College voted to allocate $1,000 in college funds for increased 2009 campus productions of The Vagina Monologues. The Observer reports that a list of co-sponsors, including the theology department, was presented to the students in support of funding productions of the oft-criticized, vulgar play.
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Anonymous said...

As Mark Shea often counsels toward alumni/etc of these faux Catholic schools: Not. One. Dime.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely not surprising. I attend a liberal jesuit university that promotes this play as well. For some reason, my university likes to flaunt its commitment to "social justice" and "equality" as part of it's Jesuit tradition, yet completely disregards the Catholic Church's stance on sexuality when they fund and host the Vagina Monologues. Mother Angelica was right about people not being able to stand Catholicity at its height, and so they want to destroy/distort it. My school is "Catholic" when it is easy or profitable, and not so much any time else. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm a former BC grad student. I'm not Roman Catholic, but as someone is favor of intellectual honesty, it really disturbs me how BC is marketed to parents as a Catholic school, when in reality it is nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

If any of you were to actually view the production of the "Vagina Monolgues," you would know that its purpose is not to shock or be vulgar, but instead to enlighten and empower women. Is a woman's testimony of a rape so much more vulgar than the violent scenes in the Passion films? I think all of you with your prude and biased views of sexuality could benefit from realizing that womens' pleasure and feelings are not things to be frowned upon.

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