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Deacon Paul Weyrich?

Paul Weyrich was a Catholic. A permanent deacon too. Did you know that? I read a number of articles on his passing but I don't even remember reading he was a Catholic. Get Religion has a nice piece detailing Weyrich's faith and how the media missed the story:

The most important thing to remember about the late Paul M. Weyrich is that he was a moral and cultural conservative, first, and a Republican, way, way second. In fact, there were plenty of people who decided that he wasn’t — when push came to shove — a Republican loyalist at all.

You can see hints of this throughout the mainstream media coverage in the wake of his death at age 66, following years of painful decline that began with a shattering fall on black ice.

Let me start with a picky question that, so far, applies to most of the obituaries. It is interesting, to me, that most of the stories do not even mention the fact that Weyrich was an ordained, permanent Catholic deacon...
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Anonymous said...

Calling Weyrich a "permanent deacon," while true, implies that he was a married Roman Rite permanent deacon. He was a Melkite Catholic deacon.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is no such thing as a permanent deacon in the Melkite church -- or any other Byzantine Catholic church. Had he desired -- had he been CALLED -- Fr. Dcn. Paul could have pursued ordination as a priest, even though he was married.

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