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Bratz? Ratz!

I immensely dislike Bratz dolls. So does Matt Swaim over at Apoloblogology, I guess. My girls know enough not to even look at them. At one birthday party, my then eight year old received one as a party favor. Without a word she came home and threw it out. I thought about taking it out of the trash and giving it to the poor but I didn't want to negatively affect some other guy's children. So,needless to say, I was very pleased with this ruling by a judge.

In one of the most devastating blows to the pedophilia industry since people started paying attention to Thailand, a federal judge has ordered that the makers of "Bratz" dolls must cease production of their promiscuity-promoting dolls aimed at elementary school girls...
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Anonymous said...

My three sons and my daughter grew up knowing what was acceptable, because if I found something that crossed the line, it was destroyed.

The actions of your daughter show she knows trash when she sees it - good job, Dad!

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