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Balloons Scare Jen F.

Jen F. cracks me up. And even though CMR is not on her sidebar of Favorite Sites we're going to be the bigger people here and continue linking to her because we think she's funny and insightful even though she probably thinks we're a bunch of immature idiots:

My balloon phobia causes me problems on a weekly basis. Our grocery store has free balloons, and every single time we're there some well-meaning clerk offers them to my kids. (Fellow balloon phobes can imagine my horror at picturing three kids under the age of five, all with balloons, their hands all over them, pressing them too hard, the ear-shattering pop definitely coming but you just don't know when...
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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I don't link to you?! That's hilarious because CMR is one of my favorite sites. That's the problem with using feed readers -- I never look at my own blogroll. Going to update now...

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