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Backbone Replacement Surgery Needed

RobK over at Kyrie Eleison suspects we'll be needing our backbone increasingly over the next few years. I hope he's wrong. I suspect he's not:

We are looking at some tough times ahead, and I don’t mean the economy. Sure, many of us are facing difficult financial prospects. Joblessness, evictions, poverty, these are items that many of us are facing or may face in the coming months or even years. But that is not the real tough times that we face.

What is the toughest prospects for the future is the extension of the persecution that we are already beginning to see in America. We have seen an increase in the intolerance shown to those who profess their faith outside of their Church walls. This persecution has even encroached within the boundaries of the Church with secularists attempting to dictate Church doctrine. Recent articles in the LA Times (ref) serve as illustration, though incidences of this can be found going back some time and increasing to the present...
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Lee Gilbert said...

One of the things that got us in this mess was the immigrant's natural desire to fit in, to not rock the boat. While our forbears might have said the rosary walking down a lane in Ireland with the rosary dangling from their hands, here they would say it bunched up in their fists, or in their parlors, or only in the Church. This kind of voluntary suppression of faith in the public square we learned from our parents and grandparents as the way to conduct ourselves in this country.

Now, though, to keep ourselves from cowardice and a kind of graduated apostasy, we Catholic laymen have to overcome our diffidence and make very clear to ourselves and our fellow citizens that, emphatically, we do not fit in. People need to see businessmen and secretaries saying their rosary on the way to work, Catholic athletes making the sign of the cross, Catholic prolifers taking the prolife demonstration downtown at noon, and Catholics employing every other way we can think of to confess the faith and confront our society with the truths of the Catholic faith and our own, fervent belief in them.

Here in Portland, a lady has had a billboard put up with a depiction of our Lady as an expectant mother. The only words are "Mary, Full of Life." We could be/should be filling up the billboards of the country with equally imaginative challenges to the prevailing unbelief. The possibilities are endless.

Honestly, I think we need to do something like this for our own salvation, because the social, political and economic pressure to betray the faith with a thousand little negligences and miniscule betrayals is going to be enormous, and would eventually lead to the modern equivalent of our throwing a little pinch of incense on the altar that will signify our rejection of Jesus Christ- so that we can keep our jobs, our social security check, our lives.

In other words, we need an immediate about face- conversion, really, and a full bore effort to make our presence felt and our position known.

There are a million ways to do this dramatically, and it should be dramatic. The president signs FOCA. The following morning virtually everyone in the country wakes up with a Catholic response on his doorstep. Physically, this is very possible. All that is required is organization. We all have computers and printers. It would be Catholic samisdat. From somewhere/someone the message goes out over the internet. Thousands of Catholics throughout the country run off the necessary number of copies on their printers to cover a given neighborhood. That evening thousands of Catholic high Schoolers blanket the villages and towns of the US with this message slipped under doors, put under windshield wipers.

In fact, the effective tack would be to sieze the initative. We are always reacting. We are always responding to the pro-aborts, the gays, etc. We could start setting the agenda and keep the forces who have been intimidating us completely off guard. In other words, for our own salvation and the moral health of the country we should start pushing back in the biggest way we can think of.

And again, there is no reason why this needs to be anything other than a lowcost, but labor intensive effort. That would be the joy of it.

RobKPhD said...

Of course Matthew and Patrick have sufficient backbone to make up for more than a few jelly spines - and wit to boot. :)

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