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We have to Go Back To Space, I Left My Bag

Can you imagine the conversation this woman will have with her husband after returning home? "Honey, We have to go back to space, I left my purse."

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Anonymous said...

the thing that urks me the most is the system that changes urine into water! I mean, how easy would it be to drink your own urine even if it was filtered and considered safe.

eulogos said...

Wayne, It would just be water. It would be no problem. We do it now, just in a rather more remote way.
More or less processed, our urine goes into the ground or the water and finds its way into streams, rivers oceans, or into groundwater. It may be taken from a river and processed and comes out of our faucets. It may evaporate and fall as rain and go into the ground water and come out of your well.
This system just abbreviates the process.

My husband would probably roar with laughter at the "we have to go back...I left..." headline, as he has heard it so many times.
Susan Peterson

eulogos said...

Oh, yes, and I think you mean, "irks".

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