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Reason #142 to Homeschool

This is a video of Diantha Harris, a lifelong democrat and avid Barack Obama supporter. She is also a lousy schoolteacher, as is evidenced by the mushmouthed kids in her class. And instead of concentrating on grammar and English, math and science, she abuses and ridicules any child who dares to speak up in support of John McCain. This video is part of a Finnish documentary on Obama fans, and it is shocking that you have to go to a foreign country to learn what goes on in our own classrooms...

Link above not working for some reason....Find out all about it at Michelle Malkin.

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Anonymous said...

Mushmouth kids grow up to be mushmouth adults...have you listened, really listened to EACH AND EVERY ONE of the four adults on the Republican/Democrat Presidential ballots? They cannot answer a direct question. I have decided that this is because teachers no longer require students to answer questions with a complete sentence, beginning with restating the question.

i.e., "When will you send low level envoys to countries like Iran, Syria, ..., to determine if a Presidential sit down is appropriate."

The answer should begin, "I will send low level envoys to ... [insert time frame portion of answer here]."

If you have to restate the question as part of your answer, you can't completely avoid the question without looking like a total idiot!

Anonymous said...

Well, Gentle Readers, this mush-mouthed teacher catches (Newark Airport) from parents for requiring complete sentences and firm responses.

Yes, that Obama-ista teacher is an idiot, but the people let that sort of unprofessional behavior happen by voting for weak national and state leaders and by not voting in their school board elections.

When I vote, I am distressed to see that of all the hundreds (we are a very small district) of parents, only a few dozen show up to vote in school board elections.

A public school is just that, and reflects the will of the people who show up and vote. Vote, not talk.

Those who abandon their public duty and then complain about the result of their own failure are wrong to blame, well, me. I'm YOUR employee, after all.

One reason to send a child to my public school is our shared Faith, which I cannot, should not, and will not promote to a captive audience, but which is, I hope, demonstrated by my faithful and, I hope, effective presentation of traditional English literature.

When I came home from Viet-Nam I was stereotyped as a baby-killer; now I am stereotyped as a corrupter of youth.

Stereotyping classes of people is a technique of evil; Catholics should not practice it.

-- Mack

Christine said...

I homeschool my children. I require them to answer most questions with a complete sentence. This ensures that a question is answered completely. They hate having to do it, though.
I beleive that you should have evry right to talk about your beliefs in the classroom. Secular humanists and moral relativists do. Christians are bashed and pushed around BECAUSE we abide by the "rules" that the ACLU uses against the beliefs our country was founded upon. I imagine the founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Christine, of course they hate having to answer with a complete sentence, muchless restate the question in their answer...it's hard, and it makes them work! Mine hate it, too!

I think another reason it's helpful, though, is it makes you really LISTEN to what the questioner is asking/saying, instead of just waiting for them to shut up so you can pour forth your "unquestionably more important" statements! LOL

We truly have become a nation/a people who talk AT each other instead of WITH each other.

As for voting in school board elections, quite honestly, I got tired of being shot down by the mob every time I would question a policy, a choice of curricula, a teaching methodology, etc.

So I homeschool, as well, and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to bypass a bunch of the nonsense that passes for education these days...with all due respect to Mack, who is surely an anomaly among the liberal crowd in most schools.

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