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Pastor Fakes Illness for Money

Remember the Royal Tenenbaums. It was an odd Gene Hackman movie which I liked a lot. But it's about Hackman (who is the greatest actor of the 20th Century excluding Michael Pare) faking a terminal illness to win his wife back. Anyway, that's a long intro to Matt Swaim's piece over at Apolobloglogy about a preacher who faked terminal cancer to increase donations. And it worked. That is, until he didn't die. We'll probably be seeing a television movie about it on Lifetime by February. Hey, maybe Gene Hackman could play the preacher.

Instead of faking a terminal illness to bring his family together, this pastor faked a terminal illness to get lots of money from his congregation. Now the people who were trying to help him not die are wishing he were dead
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Anonymous said...

When you ascribe greatness to Gene Hackman, I hope to heaven you're referring to "Hoosiers."

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