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Obama Skips Church. Shock!

Is anyone surprised that Barack Obama hasn't been to church once since winning the election? I didn't think so. I always thought all the discussion whether Obama was a Muslim or a Christian was off the point. Obama is an Obama-ite. Gateway Pundit has more:

I think we have now heard it all...
Barack Obama is skipping church to workout because of his great respect for places of worship.
Of course, this new found respect for God's house was not so evident at his former place of worship:
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Anonymous said...

Reagan never went to church while he was President, and Bush's attendance is said to be sporadic.

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet he goes this coming weekend? He watches public opinion closely and tries to mirror it, hence we don't know what he 'really' believes. Most people are sheep and he is leading them around very easily, except they don't know where they are going. Not a good formula.

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