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Man Dies at The Temple of Materialism

Red Cardigan laments the man who was trampled at Wal Mart yesterday and thinks maybe we're all a little responsible.

This morning at the local branch of a store which, despite the fact that like most Americans I patronize on occasion, I see as a hulking symptom of exactly what's wrong with us ("New Lower Price! Smiley Face! And you don't see the fifteen-year-old factory girls in China who are coughing blood from breathing all the toxic dust from the paint the FDA will tell you next year isn't safe!"), a man who had a temp job opened the door to a surging throng of desperately greedy people and was trampled to death as they raced to be one of the first to get a ticket or be in line for the Cheapest Gadgets Ever.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Wal*Mart, and other minimum wage slaveholders: stop making commercials where all of your employees seem to be having the best time ever working for you. You know they talk to us when they clock out, right?

Oh, and thanks for making it so people can work full time and still be on government assistance.

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