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Who Is and Who Is Not Christian?

If you want to vote for the party that holds ordinary people like Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber and me in contempt, go ahead. If you want to stand with those who consider Christians to be rubes and fools, feel free. If you want to vote for the party that fought to kill Terri Schiavo, be my guest. If you want to support those who support recreational embryo-destructive stem cell research -- but not adult stem cell research -- that's your legal right. If you want to support the party that promises to replace our capitalist economy, which has been the engine that has enabled America's unequalled-in-history levels of charity within its own borders and throughout the world, with a socialist system that will make all of us poor, I'm sure I can't dissuade you. If it floats your boat to vote for the guy who'll repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, thus spreading gay "marriage" across the land, who am I to say anything?

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