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Straw Man - Meet Match! (Amy Welborn)

Amy Welborn dissects and eviscerates the straw man pro-life Obama vote. Then burns it for good measure. Read.

One of the points that is frequently raised by those who say they are opposed to abortion but who nonetheless give their support, advice and endorsement to candidates who are unequivocally and proudly supportive of unrestricted access to abortion (phew)…

…goes something like this:

You know, the anti-abortion movement just has to get over its fixation with overturning Roe. Instead of obsessing about criminalization, the anti-abortion movement should take the energy it puts into politics and work to find ways to decrease the number of abortion and improve the lives of women, children and families.

As I said, this is more than a straw man. It’s an entire straw movement.

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