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Obama Halloween Costume is Racist

Newsbusters is warning children not to dress as their favorite presidential candidate Barack Obama or they'll erase all the civil rights gains since 1964. So let me get this straight if you dress up as Obama, you're racist but if you dress up as McCain you're probably racist too. Hmmm?

Well, last week we discovered that saying Obama is a socialist is racist code. For quite a while we've been told that saying his middle name is racist. Saying he pals around with terrorists is racist. Not voting for him is racist. Wanna know what else is racist? Dressing as Obama for Halloween.... but only if you're a white kid.
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Anonymous said...

Remember, words do matter; you should always use the correct one at the correct time. I believe that once the young Democrat has donned the sacriligious garb he (and/or she)is mystically transformed from an Obamaton into an unfortunate being called an Obamanation. An Obamanation must commit Barry Kari which strips the hapless child of his Change and Hope.

Anonymous said...

And now there's an effigy of Sarah Palin hanging from a noose at some guy's house...but THAT'S okay, apparently...

island breezes said...

Obama costume

Anonymous said...

Nice post.! Its all about politicized Halloween.

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