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Networks Attack Palin

The Culture and Media Institute has some questions about the networks treatment of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

Why have so many Americans turned against Palin, who made such a strong impression on the public when John McCain introduced her as his running mate at the Republican convention in September? Most likely, it’s because the few good reports they’ve heard about the Alaska governor have been overwhelmed by a blizzard of bad reports. ABC, NBC and CBS news shows are covering Palin intensively, and they are running 18 negative stories for every positive one.
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Anonymous said...

Word used for verification is "dablog"! Cool.

I don't think the media are entirely to blame for the way the voting public has turned against Gov. Palin. She came off very poorly in her interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric, especially the latter; and while one might argue that Gibson was trying to "trap" Palin, Couric's questions really weren't particularly hard. No, ultimately I think the media aren't to blame.

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