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Malkin: What Palin Should Have Said

I find much of the dismay over Sarah Palin's mainstream media interviews to be overdone. She's clearly uncomfortable with the medium as of now but that could change. The danger is being over-coached. Look what media handlers did to George W. Bush. When he campaigned in 2000 he was a charming Texan. Now he looks like a scared robot. I hope the same isn't done to Sarah.

The blogosphere and the punditocracy made much hay yesterday over Sarah Palin’s inability to name a Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade with which she disagreed. Does it bother me? Yes. But not as much as some of the hand-wringing critics who, unlike Palin, are lawyers with instant recall or commentators who make a living chattering about SCOTUS cases on the lecture/cocktail circuit. I would have loved it if Palin had been able to reel off Plessy or Kelo or Grutter or Bakke. I’m concerned that she blanked, but not ready to jump off a cliff. The Beltway/Manhattan crowd seems to have forgotten that her appeal to the base was not that she was a slick intellectual, but that she was one of them.
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Deusdonat said...

Malkin often makes some good points, but I don't trust her or respect her much, since she purposely slandered and essentially tried to burry Sen. Brownback's candidacy to the presidency. She's no different than any other traitor who fails to support (or at the very least be civil) to her co-religionists who are attempting to better the world. Shame on her.

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