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Assuming Facts Not In Evidence

Amy Welborn asks some really good questions....

Namely, if you say the Pro-life strategy (particulary of the Bishops) of the last 35 years has failed, exactly what strategy would that be? And where is your evidence?

Please Read Amy's Post. This is the level at which the discussion should be.

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Lee Gilbert said...

One thing I have never understood. In the chain of causality that leads up to an abortion, we have chosen to focus all our efforts on saving the baby, who is at the very end of a long chain events.

In addressing this, the left says that contraception is the answer. We disagree and propose abstinence.

Notably absent, however, is any serious effort to lower considerably the sexual temperature.

Of course, it would be marvelous if Roe vs Wade were overturned and we need to work and pray toward that end. Given the cultural forces at work, however, imagining that this will stop abortions is like thinking that the Supreme Court can stop Niagara falls by decree.

Until all the elements that contribute to the hyper-sexualization of our society suffer the same public scorn now visited upon pedophiles, abortion and out of wedlock pregancy will continue to be a huge problem.

Playboy, Abercrombie and Fitch, Sex and the City, strip joints etc all need to fall under the same scorn now reserved for smoking in public places and not picking up after ones dog.

Pornography in all its many forms needs to be seen and treated as a public health threat. For that to happen, the same sort of campaign has to be waged against it as was waged against smoking. It probably cannot originally be attacked by means of laws. Neither was smoking. A decades long, relentless campaign was undertaken that changed public perceptions and eventuated in laws, but law is not the place to begin.

Perhaps I may be naive, but here I think we may have the co-operation of those who are now our cultural foes, or at least many of them. The feminists argue for more sex education and and contraceptives, but perhaps they can be brought round to supporting the idea of lowering the sexual tension and commercial exploitation of sexuality so that so much sex education and contraception is not required (in their view of things) in the first place.

This approach, it seems to me, offers the only real possibility of long term success in reducing abortions.

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