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Abortion Referrals on Demand

I've noticed the rising tide of conversation about ethics and medicine. It's an important conversation and it's one we must engage in. And win. Does a doctor have a right to refuse to perform an abortion? Does a pharmacist have a right not to sell abortifacients? The next layer to that question is the question of whether referrals are a right. What's Wrong with the World has a great take on it.

I have reported earlier on the new law in Victoria, Australia, that mandates that any doctor who has conscientious objections to abortion refer women who consult him on the subject to a doctor who has no such objections.

There seems to be a particularly insane liberal idea going about that a doctor who does not offer a woman such a referral is, or plausibly may be, "harming" her, since if such conscientious objections are widespread it may become difficult (heaven forbid!) for an abortion-seeking woman to get "access" to this all-important service.

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