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What If Obama Were a Conservative?

Southern Appeal has an interesting what-if, concerning a Republican candidate with questionable alliances:

Further imagine that the record shows this man was once heavily involved with Christian reconstructionists who believe stoning should be re-instituted for adultery. He went to a church for two decades where a Christian reconstructionist preached each Sunday. One of his mentors was part of a group that bombed abortion clinics.
Where would that candidate be right now? And how different would that candidate be in terms of associations from one Barack Obama?
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The Boys Debate The Big Issues

Suzanne's boys are debating endlessly. But this debate got me interested enough to Google it. Suzanne: Sorry but I'm on the side of the Phalanges:

The other night, for example, I heard them in their beds furiously discussing whether skunks are rare or not rare. The argument, it seems, revolved around the definition of rare. Zachary thought rare animals are those which are hardly ever seen. Jacob, on the other hand, thought rare was synonymous with endangered and many animals that are not seen, he argued, are not endangered. The shrew, for example, and barracudas.

And then yesterday Jacob hollered up the stairs, "Moooooooooom!" I stopped what I was doing and carried my aching body down to him to see what was wrong...
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Christians Have No Rights

I got this from Mark Shea who got it from Ezra Levant. This is amazing and sad. And it's also the future:

Readers will recall that Rev. Boissoin is the Alberta pastor who was given a lifetime ban on preaching sermons that are critical of homosexuality -- and even a lifetime ban on private communications, such as e-mails, on the same subject.
The Alberta "Human Rights" Commission that ordered the destruction of his freedom of speech and freedom of religion went further -- Lori Andreachuk, the anti-Christian bigot who issued the ruling, actually ordered Rev. Boissoin to publish a (false) renunciation of his Christian views in the local newspaper. I know that's hard to believe, but read the ruling for yourself, here.
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This is Clever Satire

Iowa Hawk mocks all the country club "conservatives" who are endorsing Obama like Chris Buckley, Peggy Noonan, and Kathleen Parker. It's really really funny.

When my late father T. Coddington Van Voorhees VI founded the iconoclastic conservative journal National Topsider in 1948, he famously declared that "Now is the time for all good conservative helmsmen to hoist the mizzen, pour the cocktails, and steer this damned schooner hard starboard." In the 60 years since he first uttered it after one-too-many Cosmopolitans at one of Pamela Harriman's notorious foreign policy black tie balls, father's pithy bon mot has served as a rallying cry for conservatives from Greenwich to Chevy Chase.
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Fr. Thomas Williams On Right And Wrong

Kathryn Jean Lopez, the great writer for National Review, interviews Father Thomas Williams on his new book.

LOPEZ: Talk of “non-negotiables” leads us into the thorny and divisive question of “single-issue” voting? How does conscience enter into this question?

FR. WILLIAMS: Let’s face it, we all believe in single-issue voting; we only disagree on when to apply it. No one disagrees that certain issues carry so much weight that they make or break a candidate’s suitableness to govern. As I see it, the practical question in this election revolves around abortion, and whether it constitutes such an overriding issue.
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Networks Attack Palin

The Culture and Media Institute has some questions about the networks treatment of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

Why have so many Americans turned against Palin, who made such a strong impression on the public when John McCain introduced her as his running mate at the Republican convention in September? Most likely, it’s because the few good reports they’ve heard about the Alaska governor have been overwhelmed by a blizzard of bad reports. ABC, NBC and CBS news shows are covering Palin intensively, and they are running 18 negative stories for every positive one.
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Science Answers: When Does Life Begin?

Paul, over at Thoughts of a Regular Guy, has answered the scientific question: When does life begin. Or at least he finds a group of scientists honest and objective enogh to answer the question:

OK, all you pro-aborts, it's time to stop pretending, with Roe v. Wade, that you don't know when life begins:
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Curt Jester Has a Word On Dissenters

Jeff Miller over at the Curt Jester has a strong piece on Catholics and the election. Jeff has a great way of getting to the heart in plainspeak of very important and seemingly complex matters. In other words, he pulls few punches.

The main things about many dissenters is that they are basically liars. For example Fr. Reese, S.J. recently saying "Democrats are finally emphasizing that it should be rare" when they actually stripped "rare" from their platform and made a stronger statement supporting abortion "rights". Sure sometimes they are just mistaken and pass on something that somebody else said. Often though dissenters just lie to our face and expect us to accept what they say...
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Fr. Morris: Biden Gets Churched

Father Jonathan Morris, Fox News Religion Contributor, writes:

The Catholic bishop of Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, Bishop Francis Malooly, recently published a letter to the editor in response to an interview Senator Biden gave to the same paper about his understanding of Catholic doctrine in relation to abortion.

The bishop’s decision to publicly clarify Senator Biden’s misrepresentation of his own church’s doctrine, reminded me of a happy moment last night, of a very different kind.
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The Anchoress Loves Halloween

The Anchoress loves Halloween and she has a message to all critics of the holiday: Lighten up!

Sometimes I too want to say to religious folks, “come on, lighten up!” I recall getting into it with a middle-aged Catholic woman a few years ago who was upset with me because I embraced Halloween with enthusiasm and dressed my kids up as scary invisible monks.
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Abortion Referrals on Demand

I've noticed the rising tide of conversation about ethics and medicine. It's an important conversation and it's one we must engage in. And win. Does a doctor have a right to refuse to perform an abortion? Does a pharmacist have a right not to sell abortifacients? The next layer to that question is the question of whether referrals are a right. What's Wrong with the World has a great take on it.

I have reported earlier on the new law in Victoria, Australia, that mandates that any doctor who has conscientious objections to abortion refer women who consult him on the subject to a doctor who has no such objections.

There seems to be a particularly insane liberal idea going about that a doctor who does not offer a woman such a referral is, or plausibly may be, "harming" her, since if such conscientious objections are widespread it may become difficult (heaven forbid!) for an abortion-seeking woman to get "access" to this all-important service.

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Charges for Snooping Into Joe the Plumber

Michelle Malkin has the story on an Ohio official who is being charged for illegally investigating Joe the Plumber.

The Toledo Police Department confirms that one of its records clerks has been charged with performing an unlawful search of Joe The Plumber’s records.

That makes two Ohio government employees identified in the snooping case. (Obama donor Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, approved a separate search. More are being investigated.

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I Want To Believe I Want To Believe

The Seven Reasons McCain-Palin Are a Lock to Win

Dan Perrin at Redstate.com says:
There are seven serious, historic, demographic and other wise culturally compelling reasons Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin will win the election on November 4, 2008 – a date of defeat that will sear itself into the Democratic Party’s collective consciousness.

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Why You Should Drink Diet Coke

Diet Pepsi is getting a new logo and it looks oddly familiar, says Powerline.

Could be an aesthetic coincidence, I suppose. But for those of us old enough to remember the ill-fated Age of Aquarius, it looks like a pathetic attempt to join the Age of Barack. Hey, they're trying to "bring humanity back." That's not too tall an order for a carbonated beverage, is it?
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Assuming Facts Not In Evidence

Amy Welborn asks some really good questions....

Namely, if you say the Pro-life strategy (particulary of the Bishops) of the last 35 years has failed, exactly what strategy would that be? And where is your evidence?

Please Read Amy's Post. This is the level at which the discussion should be.

Obama Compares US to Nazi Germany

Little Green Footballs is reporting that Barack Obama compared America to Nazi Germany.

The audio recording of Barack Obama espousing his socialist philosophy of “redistribution of wealth” is all over the Internet and Fox News today (although most other media outlets are ignoring it), but there’s another disturbing section on that tape that has so far escaped notice.

The link to the audio is here: Chicago Public Radio - Audio Library: Odyssey.

At about 15:30, Obama compares what was going on in the United States during the time of Brown vs. the Board of Education to ... Nazi Germany. Yes, really.
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Obama Talks Spreading Wealth in 2001

Seems Obama was talking about redistributing wealth way back in 2001. And you thought it was just a slip of the tongue.

Gateway Pundit has more on this breaking news story. And he's got the audio. Go check it out. Let's see if the ordinary ministers of the media pick up on this.

This Joe the Plumber thing wasn't a fluke... It's a pattern. Barack Obama talks about redistributing wealth on WBEZ.FM in 2001.

Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered. Let it not be said that we were not warned. Barack Obama warned us back in 2001:
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Obama Halloween Costume is Racist

Newsbusters is warning children not to dress as their favorite presidential candidate Barack Obama or they'll erase all the civil rights gains since 1964. So let me get this straight if you dress up as Obama, you're racist but if you dress up as McCain you're probably racist too. Hmmm?

Well, last week we discovered that saying Obama is a socialist is racist code. For quite a while we've been told that saying his middle name is racist. Saying he pals around with terrorists is racist. Not voting for him is racist. Wanna know what else is racist? Dressing as Obama for Halloween.... but only if you're a white kid.
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Should We Send Flowers or Mud Pies?

The Anchoress mourns the passing of the free press in America:

It’s so tiring, you almost don’t want to bother saying it. But we have to keep pointing it out, this mad descent of the press, and not grow weary or complacent. The only way to keep the press honest is to keep it accountable; that is our responsibility - yours and mine - a free press is an unencumbered, detached, open and honest press. And we must have it; we must insist that our press be free - unaligned with any cause or movement - because a free press is the hardy spine of liberty.
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Need To Be "Born Again" Again!

From Some Have Hats

Polls show that McCain and Obama are in a dead heat among "born again" voters.

I hope some of you Obama "born again" folks are reading this, because I have some questions. What, exactly, is your attraction to Obama?

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Biden's Not a JPII Guy?

Black Biretta has this priceless quote from Joe Biden: "To sum it up, as a Catholic, I'm a John XXIII guy, I'm not a Pope John Paul guy."

Ironically, St. Paul had to contend with the same kind of nonsense two millennia ago when some Christians claimed they were Apollos' guys, some were Cephas men, and some were even Pauli's boys. One cannot be a J23 but not a JP2 guy, or be a P6 and not a B16 guy. All popes are true Bishops of Rome and as such all are Vicars of Christ and Supreme Roman Pontiffs...
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Geraghty Looks at Some Major Poll Swings

Jim Geraghty over at the Campaign Spot really delves into the poll numbers and thinks they might just be overestimating Democrats by a tad or even two.

When I look at a poll's sample, and conclude that the sample includes a lot more Democrats than Republicans, I'm not quite saying that it's an ironclad, take-it-to-the-bank guarantee that the poll is overstating the performance of the Democratic candidate on Election Day. From cycle to cycle, the partisan makeup of the electorate changes. It shifted three percent in favor of the Democrats from 2004 to 2006. It could, and in fact probably will, move further in the Democrats' direction this year; the question is, how much?
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Mundus Vult Decipi, Ergo Decipiatur

Or "The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived."

Man With Black Hat says

....Those who claim to report the news often break into what amounts to personal endorsements of a particular candidate, which would have been considered thoroughly unprofessional just a few years ago.

What is more astounding, is the extent to which the general public does not appear to mind being duped so easily.

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Obama: Use Grandma's Love As A Weapon

Gateway Pundit has this unbelievable story on Obama telling young people to use love as a weapon to get him elected. This is truly sick stuff and it's really on "The One's" website.

More hope and change...
A webpage at Barack Obama.com instructs young Obamatrons to "use their grandparents love against them" and get them to vote for the Marxisant radical
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Jen F. Is Acting Like a Jerk (her words)

Jen F. loses it...

While out and about on Tuesday morning, I found myself furious at another driver. I was sitting at a light that just turned green, and the dented minivan in front of me wasn't moving. I got frustrated and was muttering insults under my breath, reaching for the horn just when it finally moved. When I passed the car I glanced over to see a very weary-looking woman, rubbing her temples as if something troubling was on her mind. I felt like a schmuck for almost honking. If she looked in her rearview mirror earlier she undoubtedly saw my aggravated expressions, clearly spelling out something like "You are an idiot and you're annoying me!" in road-rage sign language.
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School Has 'Gay' Day for Kindergartners

You know how the anti-Prop 8 folks out in California keep swearing that gay marriage won't be taught to children in school, well guess what...It's already being taught. Surprise! World Net Daily has the story:

Some parents are shocked to find their children are learning to be homosexual allies and will participate in "Coming Out Day" at a public elementary school tomorrow – and they claim the school failed to notify parents.

One mother of a kindergartner who attends Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science, a K-8 charter school in Hayward, Calif., said she asked her 5-year-old daughter what she was learning at school.

The little girl replied, "We're learning to be allies."
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Amy is Suprised the Nun is Suprised

Amy Welborn recounts a story from fifteen years ago that seems oddly prescient.

But I do remember a few things with startling specificity - usually, as you might expect, things with particular personal resonance or of great interest to me.

Take January 23, 1993. I remember that. Okay, so I didn’t remember the date until I looked it up, but I did remember it was the Saturday after Clinton’s first inauguration. And I was attending a workshop for catechists. In attendance at the workshop was an older religious sister. At one point, we were sitting next to each other and the new administration in Washington came up.

The sisters was dismayed. “Did you hear what President Clinton did?”

I nodded.
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Just Pretending to Kill Palin

Red State points out the hypocrisy of the media ignoring this outrage:

An artist in New York has set up an exhibit that features cardboard cutouts of Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter. It's of Palin killing a caribou. The caribou is a three dimensional stuffed animal with its guts splattered out of it.

Here's the catch:

People can join the 'photo-op' by donning a vest and gun. The artist admits in the video link that many of the visitors shoot Sarah Palin...
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What's in a Name?

Now, how do I do this. My, this is awkward. I'm linking to a post atBlessed Among Men which actually links back to us. I know. I know. It seems bad. But what she wrote is just so darn beautiful I really want you to read it.

This little Temple Boy has a name and we call him by his name. There is a nearby street that bears this name and my heart skips a beat whenever I see it. I love to see the letters printed like that, just as I once loved to write my first name next to my future husband's last name in the margins of my Aristotle books during drowsy, late afternoon college classes years ago. Suzanne Temple-- this name, so new, promised a lifetime of love. Baby Temple's name promises the same...
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Please Pray for a Soldier and His Family

The Anchoress is asking for prayers for a friend:

Folks, I cannot go into a lot of detail, but a military family and good friend to this blog has written an email they never wanted to write - because of the inability to give details I can share only this:

“[he] has been wounded very badly. The doctors have said I need to be prepared to lose him. If there’s a positive, they said most other men would have died because of the severity of wounds. At present, he’s under heavy sedation.”
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You Think We Still Have a Chance?

This from Ace of Spades:

You Actually Think We Still Have a Chance? Yep, I do.

I am not an optimist. At all. Whenever I feel a twinge of pain, it's cancer. When the car makes a funny noise, it's a $5000 repair job. When it rains, the new roof is obviously going to leak. When I sit down to watch football, my favorite team is going to lose. On that last one, my pessimism has been justified.

Despite my Eeyore-like nature, I believe John McCain and Sarah Palin have a good shot at winning this election. Why the uncharacteristic optimism on this point? Because I think the polls are crap.
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Some Politically Incorrect Humor Here

Larry D from Acts of The Apostasy should be ashamed of himself for writing a joke like this. And I'm ashamed of myself for pointing you to it. And you should be ashamed of yourself for clicking on it like I know you will.

The Pope took a couple of days off to visit the mountains of Alaska for some sightseeing. He was cruising along the campground in the Pope-mobile when there was a frantic commotion just at the edge of the woods.

A helpless Democrat, wearing sandals, shorts, a 'Save the Whales' hat, and a 'To Hell with Bush' T-shirt, was screaming while struggling frantically, thrashing around trying to free himself from the grasp of a 10-foot grizzly bear...
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K-LO Wasn't Paying Attention at Mass

Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review doesn't want us all to just get along.

If I were a better Catholic, I would have resisted the temptation, but it was hard not to flash back to that image seared in my memory of Edward Cardinal Egan guffawing with Barack Obama at the Alfred E. Smith dinner the other night. Cardinal O’Connor wouldn’t welcome Bill Clinton to the dinner in 1996 when he vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortion. Barack Obama trumps Clinton in his audacity for embracing a culture of death — defending outright infanticide, not the procedure the late Democratic senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, called “close to infanticide.” But Obama was welcome and even celebrated this year. And if you watched the evening or morning news on Thursday and Friday, it all looked perfectly appropriate. Maybe you even got warm, fuzzy, we-can-all-get-along feelings. Civility is good. But the abdication of moral leadership is bad...
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My Frustration at Mass

Yesterday evening, we attended Mass and for a moment thought we would hear actual instruction in the fundamentals of the Catholic faith. After hearing one of my favorite passages in the Gospels, the “Render unto Caesar” confrontation between Jesus as the Pharisees, our priest broached the subject of what belongs to secular government and what belongs to God in the context of elections and choices made by voters. Unfortunately, he wound up wasting a good opportunity to clarify the Catechism to those who ignore it...
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Angels in The Dirt at a Sarah Rally

This is a great post from Pondered in my Heart about an entire family attending a rally for Sarah Palin. It's got great pics of the kids and Sarah.

How would you feel if you had to spend over an hour waiting and walking in a line that was over a half mile long? And this after first walking from the car to the front of the line, following your way along the line, around corners that always promised to be "the end of the line", until finally reaching the end of the line - which happened to be near the car? We were thrilled!

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What Is The Future Of Liturgical Reform?

From SummorumPontificum.net

I am curious about something. What is it that people really want? What type of liturgical reform do the traditional minded hope for down the road? Is it realistic to hope that some future Pope will do away with the Novus Ordo entirely and start from 1962 scratch? I don't think so.

So what is it that people hope will happen? What is it that YOU hope will happen?

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Who Is and Who Is Not Christian?

If you want to vote for the party that holds ordinary people like Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber and me in contempt, go ahead. If you want to stand with those who consider Christians to be rubes and fools, feel free. If you want to vote for the party that fought to kill Terri Schiavo, be my guest. If you want to support those who support recreational embryo-destructive stem cell research -- but not adult stem cell research -- that's your legal right. If you want to support the party that promises to replace our capitalist economy, which has been the engine that has enabled America's unequalled-in-history levels of charity within its own borders and throughout the world, with a socialist system that will make all of us poor, I'm sure I can't dissuade you. If it floats your boat to vote for the guy who'll repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, thus spreading gay "marriage" across the land, who am I to say anything?

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Can “ad orientem” worship be forbidden?


From a reader:

Does a local ordinary have the authority to prevent a parish/ priest from celebrating the Novus Ordo ad orientem? Didn’t the Vatican have a clarification in the 80’s that permitted either versus populem or ad orientem celebration of the Novus Ordo? I am concerned because for years a parish in my diocese celebrated the Novus Ordo ad orientem until a few years ago when a new ordinary forbade it.

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Jesus Was an Unlicensed Carpenter

Joe the Plumber is being attacked because he dared to ask a question of "The One." The main story right now is that Joe is an "unlicensed plumber." The guys at Southern Appeal have a nice take on this "scandal."

Senator Obama’s supporters are making a big deal of the fact that Joe the Plumber is unlicensed. It’s now time to play the Messiah card:

Jesus was an unlicensed carpenter, and Brutus was a senator.
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Get a Tissue Before You Click

Michelle Malkin has this wonderful video from NBC on Sarah Palin and her relationship with Down Syndrone children and their families.

There is something very special about this woman, and I pity the detractors on the left and the right who don’t appreciate it.

Get a tissue before you click:
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Going after Joe the Plumber & America

The Anchoress should be required reading for Catholic blogosphere readers. So you're officially required to go read this. No backtalk. Just go.

To my way of thinking, Joe the Plumber - singing the psalm of the common man, and representing the views of the middle class and what we once used to call “the Silent Majority” - has completely terrified the left, the Obama camp and the press.

And so…he must be destroyed.
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Jay Nails It

You know what all these elitists have in common and what their REAL problem with the McCain campaign is? They're all embarassed by Gov. Palin. They're embarassed to be part of a "conservative movement" that includes her and what she represents ... or to be more specific ... that includes all us unwashed yokels out here who care about stopping the holocaust of a million dead babies per year and the judicial attack on the sanctity of marriage, not to mention who are more interested in main-street-common-sense solutions to the problems facing our families than with Wall Street nonsense.

Their REAL beef is that they're tired of having to make apologies to all their homosexual and knee-pad-donning-so-long-as-he-keeps-abortion-legal feminist friends for all those social conservative yahoos that give "center-right" intellectuals like them a bad name.
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St. Teresa of Avila's Greatests Hits

Ebeth has a great list of quotes from St. Teresa that will help anyone get through the day.

"It is most important that we have this [love for one another], for there is nothing annoying that is not suffered easily by those who love one another...If this commandment were observed in the world as it should be, I think such love would be very helpful for the observationce of the other commandments."

I would counsel those who practice prayer to seek, at least in the beginning, friendship and association with other persons having the same interest. This is something most important even though the association may be only help one another with prayers."

"Be gentle to all and stern with yourself."

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Bishop Finn Takes on the Nameless One

The best part of this is how Bishop Finn does everything but describe Obama down to his eye color but never names him. American Papist has the bishop's letter and he adds his own comments.

In his upcoming column for the Catholic Key, Bishop Finn responds to the question "Can a Catholic vote, in good conscience, for a candidate who supports abortion?" He says he is asked this question "over and over again", and this is his response...
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Catholic Politician for Gay Marriage

L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is often described as an "ardent Catholic" but now 's donated $25,000 to defeat Prop 8, the gay marriage ban on the California ballot. Karen Hall has the info:

If Mayor Villaraigosa's name is familiar to you for some reason other than as the mayor of L.A., and you can't quite place it, maybe you are remembering it from the big Pagan Kumbaya Circle held around the altar of the L.A. cathedral in his honor when he was inaugurated. Followed by a parade from there to City Hall, with his best buddy Cardinal Mahony at his side. There was an outcry at the time (as outcries go) because of Villaraigosa's strong pro-abortion stand.
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Spiritual Combat 21st Century Style

A picture is worth a thousand words so just go over to Acts of the Apostasy for a laugh. Larry D has a lot of Catholic fun over there. Join him.

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Primacy of Papal Punditry

Jeff Miller (aka The Curt Jester) packs more puns into this bit than should be allowed by law!

Marie Breda Is Now With God

The past few days my family prayed for Marie and her family. Our prayers will continue:

Last Sunday began such a bizarre chain of events. Our five-year old, Marie, somehow aspirated a bead. She was resuscitated at church and then again in transport to the hospital. She was then life-flighted to Children’s Hospital where she was lovingly cared for all week. Medically, everything possible was done. Spiritually, heaven was stormed with everyone’s beautiful prayers. But God had other plans for Marie. Her loving little heart stopped at 12:10pm today...
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Moral Ambiguity Is A Myth. Evil is Real

Matt Swaim writes about an article with some of the most chilling sentences I've read like this one: "She wished to destroy the embryos because she 'did not want anyone else to raise her child."

At a certain point, even radical eugenicists have to realize there's something wrong with creating frankenbabies in labs, only to kill them when they become a nuisance to the convenience of the bourgeiosie...

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Which Lives Are Worth Living?

As the worship music flowed around my family in church, I held Jorai close and we swayed together. She was cooing and sometimes would throw her head back and let out a long, "Aaaaaahhhh!" My baby girl was worshiping God, too.

A moment later, I caught a glimpse of another worshiper. He was a young man, in his late teens. His eyes were clenched shut, his hands crossed over his heart, his body moving to the beat of the music. He sang freely, happily lifting his hands as if he were trying to touch God. A look of pure love shone across his face. He didn't care who saw him, or what he looked like to others.

His worship was utterly uninhibited. And this lovely young man had Down Syndrome...

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Red Cardigan Funny Church Signs

Red Cardigan creates an inter-denominational conversation between church signs concerning the life issue. Great stuff.
Read it>>>

106-Year-Old Nun Voting for Obama

Sunday's CBS Evening News ended with a feature piece on a 106-year-old nun in Rome who plans to vote for Barack Obama, her first time to cast a presidential ballot since the New Hampshire native voted for Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, because Obama is “a good” and “honest” man. From Rome, reporter Allen Pizzey related how her “simple, old-fashioned standard for politicians,” which apparently does not include the Catholic church's opposition to abortion, inspired her to decide to vote for the first time in 56 years. Sister Cecilia Gaudette explained: “As I say, a good straight man; good private life, honest and politically able to govern, of course.” As she put her hand over an Obama button on her clothing, Pizzey cautioned that though she's decided “the Democrat fit the bill,” she's “not about to campaign for him.” (She'll leave that to the news media?)...
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Please Pray for Marie Breda

Another sad day, we have cried floods of tears. Marie’s little body went without oxygen for so long that her brain continued to swell in spite of all therapies causing an irreparable damage. With all the medical technology we have nowadays, they still don’t seem to know how to stop this. The brain is really an awesome organ that only God has control over. They have been trying so hard to keep her going each nurse caring for her with such love and precision. Medically speaking there is no hope left; she is truly in God’s hands now...
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A Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever

We Report, You Decide!

Matt Swaim shows us a video that is so lame, it is awesome.
Check it out.

A Yawning Baby May Take Down Obama

Paul over at Regular Thoughts has a great ad being run about Obama's votes against babies born alive after an abortion. The yawning baby in the ad is so cute and reminds us how precious life really is. Check it out here:

Why, again, would a Catholic vote for this man? Only because they've completely discounted the importance of the abortion issue, in a way directly contrary to the teaching of the Holy Father, the American bishops, and the constant teaching of the Church throughout its history. No one can support Obama and honestly claim to be either "pro-life" in any sense, nor can any Catholic support Obama and honestly claim to be "faithful."
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New Pro-Life Ad from American Life League

This ad from the American Life League challenges Archbishop Wuerl to stand up and be counted.

Ave Maria; The Human Touch

From the Anchoress:

The Sisters of Life are a wonderful bunch of gals dedicated to the service of pregnant women in difficult circumstances. Founded by the mighty Cardinal John O’ Connor, they - in offering support, shelter, social representation and other opportunities - and by supporting the dying, they work against the culture of death, everyday.

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Marriage Advice From Budweiser

Thanks to LarryD for this funny video!

Fr. McBrien Blasts Bishops...Again

The Cardinal Newman Society doesn't take Fr. McBrien's criticisms of the Pope well at all. Three cheers for Cardinal Newman.

Father Richard McBrien, the Crowley-O'Brien Professor of Roman Catholic Theology at the University of Notre Dame, ripped into the hierarchy of the Catholic Church at a talk given at a Unitarian church in Kansas City recently. According to an article today, October 7, 2008 in the National Catholic Reporter, McBrien said Pope John Paul II’s greatest failing was naming bishops.

“Father McBrien’s blatant disregard and contempt for the leadership of the Catholic Church is nothing new,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “Until Notre Dame and other Catholic colleges are rid of such jaded liberal theologians, the renewal of Catholic higher education can never be complete.”
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A Scary Vision Of The Future

Dan scares me because he might be right:

Barring a major collapse or a terrorist attack, Barack Obama will be the next president. He will be aided by a Democrat-controlled Congress, and soon enough a Left-leaning supreme court. For his ascension, we can blame John McCain; for Congress, we can blame Republican leadership who allowed corruption and greed to infect the Reagan Revolution. But looking forward, here are some predictions for the coming four years:

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Red Cardigan Leaps The Cultural Divide

Red Cardigan is the bomb (not the William Ayers kind of bomb. I mean the hip slangy kind of bomb that was cool to say about five years ago). Anyone who's not reading Red regularly should hand in their computer to the appropriate Catholic blogosphere authorities.

...But then John McCain surprised us, and nominated Sarah Palin to be his running mate. And all the dark teeming mass of ugliness and hatred for what is good and noble and human and normal came spilling out from across the aisle like Orcs pouring forth from the gates of Mordor; and we knew that whatever else happened in this election, the arrival of Sarah Palin on the scene made that impersonal amused detachment very difficult to retain...

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Barack Obama Loses, Eight Times Over

Eight politicians who adopted the Democratic contender's name while running for office Brazil didn't fare so well:

"The name Obama definitely helped," said Claudio Henrique dos Anjos, who used it to run for mayor of Belford Roxo on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. "It opened the doors for me to talk about projects. It brought a positive result."

But official results show he didn't get a single vote, though he disputes the count.

I, for one, blame the Bradley Effect...

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Profaning The Eucharist At YouTube

When interviewed by Eyeblast.tv last month, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that YouTube, the video-sharing site owned by his company, is "pretty serious" about removing the "strange" videos that keep popping up on the site, especially videos "that can be used to incite bad outcomes." Apparently videos designed to incite Catholics don't fall into that category.

A YouTube user who goes by the moniker "fsmdude" has posted more than 30 videos under the title "Eucharist Desecration." Each video features an attack on a symbol that Catholics consider sacred -- by blow gun, nail gun, boiling, sword and cigarette in a few recent episodes...

CMR Request: We ask that if you choose to read the story at Newsbusters please don't go and watch the video on YouTube because the more hits this jerk gets, the more he's likely to continue.

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Priest "Comes Out" For Gay Marriage

From America Mag Blog:

Here's news from Fresno, California, courtesy of the local news station there, about Father Geoffrey Farrow, who opposed California's Proposition 8, and also revealed that he is gay, in a homily on Sunday. From the local media: "Father Geoffrey Farrow of the Saint Paul Newman Center in northeast Fresno shocked parishioners Sunday morning when he came out against Proposition 8, an initiative that would eliminate the right for same sex couples to marry in California.

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Team Sarah Up and Running

Team Sarah is a coalition of diverse women dedicated to advancing and defending Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential candidacy. Anything you ever wanted to know about Palin and her campaign. Here it is...

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Sex Selection Via Infanticide

From Blowing San #1

Indian filmgoers have a weakness for feel-good song-and-dance spectaculars. So it's not surprising that Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women won a handful of international prizes, but flopped at home. It is a tale of unrelieved horror. An innocent young girl is sold to a rural family of five sons and married to all five, plus the father. In the end, the whole woman-less village gets into the act and murderous fights break out for her favours. The film ends with the lass giving birth to a daughter.

Is this a nightmarish fantasy dreamed up by man-hating feminists?

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The Geekiest Thing I Have Ever Seen

As if barbershop quartet were not nerdy enough…

… How about a Star Trek barbershop quartet?

And yet I love it!

From Bettnet.

Bishop Takes on "Catholic" School

The Stuart Country Day School in Princeton, New Jersey is a Catholic institution-- or so they tell us-- run by the Society of the Sacred Heart. The nuns take pride in training girls for important roles in society, and so the school established a Women in Leadership Forum, inviting prominent speakers to the campus, to "provide girls with opportunities to interact with women role models."

The role models chosen, however, have been depressingly similar: women with liberal political views, women with no discernible love for Church teachings on hot-button social issues. After last year's Leadership Forum presentation by journalist Cokie Roberts, some parents complained, and Bishop John Smith of Trenton reportedly sought and received a promise that in the future the school would invite speakers more sympathetic toward Catholic social doctrine...

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You can put me down for an "Our Father" and a "Hail Mary" or two.

As Christians we believe in the power of prayer and fasting. Join us in praying for Governor Palin, her family, our elected officials and those seeking public office. Not only do elections determine the direction our country will take for the next several years, but can impact an entire generation or more through the judges that are appointed. Please join us and make a commitment to pray for this presidential election...

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Cinderella Candidate

Off the canvas, Palin has they eye of the tiger.

From Dyspeptic Mutterings:

If you haven't seen Cinderella Man, see it. As in, right now.

All right--quick summary:

CM is the improbable comeback story of boxer James J. Braddock, the heavyweight champion right before Joe Louis. Braddock was a contender in the late 20s until he broke his left hand. His savings wiped out by the Great Depression, he ended up moving into a basement apartment with his wife and three kids. He was lucky enough to get work on the docks, which forced him to use his left hand, progressively strengthening it. He gets a chump match at the last minute at Madison Square Garden and scores a titanic upset of the No. 2 heavyweight, his now hammer-like left hand helping to knock out his stunned opponent before an even more stunned audience.

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Arnold & Euthanasia: Hasta La Vista

From California Catholic:

California moved a step closer to legalized mercy killing on Sept. 30, when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law the “California Right to Know End-of-Life Act of 2008.”

The governor’s signature came in a flurry of bill signing on Tuesday evening, just hours before the statutory deadline for him to either sign or veto legislation. The governor’s press office announced he had signed the euthanasia bill at 7 p.m.

The bill, AB 2747, by longtime assisted suicide advocate Assemblywoman Patty Berg, D-Eureka, could force Catholic physicians and other doctors in California who oppose mercy killing to provide terminally ill patients with information on morally questionable “end-of-life care options.”

Schwarzenegger’s decision to sign the bill came despite heavy lobbying against it by the California Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the state’s bishops. The Conference had asked Catholics to contact the governor and urge him to veto AB 2747 after it was passed by the legislature. Schwarzenegger describes himself as a Catholic.

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Pope To Lead Marathon Bible Reading

Pope Benedict XVI will kick off a week-long reading of the Bible on Italian television starting Sunday, with readers to include three former presidents and Oscar-winning actor Roberto Benigni.
Some 2,000 people will take turns reading the Bible's 73 books, from the Old Testament's Genesis to the New Testament's Book of Revelations, at Rome's Holy Cross in Jerusalem basilica.

The pope will record the first reading at the Vatican.

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Deleted Scene From Star Trek 2?

Man With Black Hat has this laugh out loud "deleted scene" from Star Trek 2. You have to scroll down to the second post.

I was watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan just the other day. Then I found this deleted scene. At least now I know what all the yelling was about. And so it goes for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.
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Envoy Magazine Voter's Guide

Patrick Madrid would like you to know the following. Be sure to look at the Voter's Guide as it exposes the flaws in the seamless garment.

I'd like you to know about a free, new resource we've produced at Envoy Magazine, written by Dr. Mark Lowery, a professor of moral theology at the University of Dallas and a regular contributor to Envoy, on the subject of "How to Vote With a Clear Conscience."

You can download the PDF of this special Envoy report here: www.surprisedbytruth.com/envoy_votersguide.pdf , as well as at http://www.envoymagazine.com/Index.asp.

Please feel free to forward the link to this PDF document to anyone you think would benefit from it, and feel free to post links to it on your blogs, etc. We hope this information can help inform voters as widely as possible in these final weeks before the election.
You may also enjoy the new 6-minute video we've produced that introduces and explains the work of the Envoy Institute. You can view that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3knOVn3MiZs

Again, please help us spread the word by forwarding these links to your friends, family, and colleagues.
Thanks and God bless you,

Malkin: What Palin Should Have Said

I find much of the dismay over Sarah Palin's mainstream media interviews to be overdone. She's clearly uncomfortable with the medium as of now but that could change. The danger is being over-coached. Look what media handlers did to George W. Bush. When he campaigned in 2000 he was a charming Texan. Now he looks like a scared robot. I hope the same isn't done to Sarah.

The blogosphere and the punditocracy made much hay yesterday over Sarah Palin’s inability to name a Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade with which she disagreed. Does it bother me? Yes. But not as much as some of the hand-wringing critics who, unlike Palin, are lawyers with instant recall or commentators who make a living chattering about SCOTUS cases on the lecture/cocktail circuit. I would have loved it if Palin had been able to reel off Plessy or Kelo or Grutter or Bakke. I’m concerned that she blanked, but not ready to jump off a cliff. The Beltway/Manhattan crowd seems to have forgotten that her appeal to the base was not that she was a slick intellectual, but that she was one of them.
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Curt Jester is a Dissident Paleontologist

Jeff Miller takes on Fr. Andrew Greeley's "support" of Barack Obama.

Never mind that his positions are intrinsically evil - we shared a pulpit doncha know. You must be racist if you can't get past his support of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, cloning, ESCR, and homosexual marriage. Yes presidential affirmative action - vote for him even if you think he is a moral disaster. Otherwise not only will we throw the race card at you we make it a presidential race card.

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Straw Man - Meet Match! (Amy Welborn)

Amy Welborn dissects and eviscerates the straw man pro-life Obama vote. Then burns it for good measure. Read.

One of the points that is frequently raised by those who say they are opposed to abortion but who nonetheless give their support, advice and endorsement to candidates who are unequivocally and proudly supportive of unrestricted access to abortion (phew)…

…goes something like this:

You know, the anti-abortion movement just has to get over its fixation with overturning Roe. Instead of obsessing about criminalization, the anti-abortion movement should take the energy it puts into politics and work to find ways to decrease the number of abortion and improve the lives of women, children and families.

As I said, this is more than a straw man. It’s an entire straw movement.

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Devastating Vets for Freedom Ad

From Red State

Today, Vets for Freedom is starting a $2.2 million ad campaign to pressure Barack Obama to officially recognize our military's progress in Iraq (he can recognize our success by supporting S.R. 636), highlighting along the way his neglect of military matters in the United States Senate. Here is the ad we're running...

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Car Seat Culture & The Nanny State

From Faith & Family Live:

How many laws are the Gilbreths breaking in this photo?

No one would ride with a baby on her lap any longer --she’d be arrested. And in some 38 states, they’d need a car seat or booster seat for kids up to age 8.

The Gilbreths as we know and love them from the classic novel and film couldn’t legally travel together any longer.

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